We offer USPSA sanctioned matches on the first Sunday each month plus a Classifier!   All skill levels are welcome. New shooters are encouraged to participate.You will need a holster and at least 4 magazines, preferably five.  You will also need at least 250-300 rounds of ammunition.  A new shooter's meeting takes place before the matches begin. Please us know when you register that you are a New shooter.  

 Check our competition page for more detailed information!

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We are a Private Outdoor Shooting Range located on Galveston's West end.  The mission of the Club is to promote the safe handling of legal firearms. It is also our objective and purpose to forward the development of honesty, good fellowship, self discipline, team play and reliance which are essentials of good sportsmanship. We are a family oriented range and encourage parents/adults to introduce the youth to firearms in a safe environment.  The Club was established in 1939 as a non-profit organization and incorporated in 1949.


The person/persons that are shooting the target frames, STOP.  All you are doing is costing the Club your money...Please respect Club property and enjoy the range.  We are fortunate to have the only nice outdoor range on the island.



Sunday, April 7, 2019

Hammer down 9 am

See competition page for details 

We have 10 pistol stations in two separate areas/ bays and a rifle range, offering 25 yd., 50 yd., and 100 yd.  Shooting areas are covered, but open to enjoy the sea breeze. Target stands are provided for members, but you must bring your own

paper targets and stapler.

Eye and Ear protection is required of  Everyone, including non-shooters.   Members may purchase an annual guest card if they want to bring a shooting buddy to the range.  The guest must wear their badge in plain view. Guests must stay with the member at all times.

You are expected to sweep up your brass before leaving the range.



If you see targets laying down, that is done to protect the target from the wind.  If targets are left up, the wind will tear the target backer off the frame.  If the frame is not broken and the backer is intact, feel free to set it upright.

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